Uninstall Ecomrise

Author: Jade 24 views

We are so sorry to see you leave. We hope you will contact us via 24/7 live chat or [email protected] if you face any issues while using the app or we missed any features. Below are a few simple steps to uninstall the Ecomrise app:

Step 1: Remove extensions

  • If your extension is an Embed extension such as Content Protection, Sales Notification, Snowfall Effect, Favicon Cart Count, Inactive Tab Message Age Verification, simply click to Uninstall Extensions button to remove an extension. You need to remove every single extension you have added.
  • If your extension is a Block extension such as Trust Badge, Product Bundle, or Volume Discount, please go to Theme -> Customize -> Section, then you Delete sections that you have put onto your Theme’s pages.

Step 2: Uninstall the app

  • From Shopify Admin -> Settings in the bottom left -> Apps and sales channels, you find the correct Ecomrise app to delete.
    All done! there will be no codes left for your theme.

Note: If you delete our app without removing the extensions or sections, we will not be responsible for any problems that occur after that.

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