What should I do when importing a demo to the published theme and want to revert to the old version?

Author: Anna Nguyen 54 views

This document is on how to use Ecomrise to import demos to your site. When installing a demo, we show a notice that you should duplicate the published theme and then select the draft theme in the app settings.

So, if you forgot to do that and import the demo to the published theme, you might want to revert to the old theme version if your store is live. The core themes are different so please find the theme that you are using to revert it.

Step 1: Go to Shopify admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Edit code

Step 2: Find the footer-group.json, header-group.json, index.json, and settings_data.json file with Ecomus Theme. And index.json, and settings_data.json with Kalles and Gecko themes.

Step 3: Open the Recent Changes section to find the most recent changes to restore. Please make sure you do that with the correct files and Save the changes.

After you are done, just go to view your live site to check it.

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