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Are you trying to find an extension that will enable you to import and export pages or blog posts from one store to another fast and easily? Shopify doesn’t have this function, don’t worry, you can go swiftly with EcomRise.

For now, this extension is available for The4 Themes only. To install the extension, please open the app dashboard and go to The4 Theme -> Import/Export Blogs and Pages.

Now, let’s go to the extension settings 🙂

1. Setting

First, you can select the sort of type to Export or Import. We have two options: Blog and Page. The Blog tab will help to export/import all blog posts in Shopify, and the Page will work on Shopify Pages.

2. Export

Export pages/blog posts as a .json file from your live online store. It can be imported into the destination store where the EcomRise app is available.

Click the Export now button to start the process.

3. Import

  • Import Blogs/Pages: Please click Add file to upload the file that you exported from another store. The .json file is accepted.
  • Status: Select the desired status for the blog post or page, such as Default, Hidden, or Visible. The default is visible.
  • Once the first two options have been set, please click the Import now to begin.

Kindly watch the video below to learn more about the entire procedure.

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