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Author: Susan Tran 72 views

There is one thing that you must not overlook while creating your store’s product page. That is the Product Compare feature for the The4 user, which will provide your user with more detailed information and help you increase sales.

Note: This feature only works for Ecomus themes from 1.2.0 and higher versions.

1. Install and config the extension

  1. Open the App setting then choose a theme of The4
  2. Make sure that you can have the The4 theme option
  3. Scroll down to find Product Compare and then hit the Explore button
  4. Click on the Install extension and choose Customize

2. Settting the extension

We do have an option in the settings to activate the function, but it will vary based on the theme. For example:

  • Ecomus theme: Open the Theme setting > Products > Enable compare account > Save
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