Volume Discount

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This extension will show the discounts on your Product detail page, it will help to encourage customers to purchase more products with bulk quantity discounts, hence increasing sales.

1. Install and config the extension

1.1. How to install the extension?

  • From the EcomRise Dashboard, click Manage Extensions on the left sidebar.
  • Click Install Extension
  • If the app has not had enough permission before, it will ask you to update the app first.
  • In this step, please check and click the Update button to access permissions for the extension.
  • Then you can install this extension after giving all the permissions.
  • After installing, at first, you can see this part from the Volume Discount dashboard. That will track and analyze the data on our app dashboard.

1.2. How to create the offer form?

  1. Open the Volume Discount dashboard then choose Create offer to create the offer

Setting options:

  • Title: You might change the headline to make it simpler to identify the offer you made.
  • Apply to: You will be able to select the Collection, Product, or Every Product that will come with this coupon form.
  • Tier Prices: This will enable you to determine the pricing discount based on your preset parameters. Additionally, you can select a discount kind such as a Percentage off for each product or Fix the amount on each. Including the setting for the how many with the Quantity setting and the value Discount.
  • Active date: It enables you to specify the beginning date and time as well as the ending date and time.

Design options:

  • General setting: This includes the form’s default settings for the Background, Max-width, and Padding.
  • Offer layout: You can choose to apply the Grid or List style to the form.
  • Action button/ Offer rules: Basic settings for the font style and backdrop, including font size, border-radius, color, button background, and more can be adjusted.
  • Price: If you do not want to show the entire sale pricing or more, you have two pricing models to choose from: Display offer price or Display offer total price.

Once the Volume discount offer has been created, the status bar from the Dashboard of that extension can be seen at the bottom. Such as:

  • All: That will highlight every offer you’ve made within that extension.
  • Active: That will demonstrate that the deal is active on your website, as the published one.
  • Scheduled: The following will display the prepared offer along with the time and date of display.
  • Expired: That will maintain your previous offer, but those did run out of time.
  1. Click Add block to add the offer to your product page.
  2. You can move the block to a different location while you’re in the theme editor.

2. How to translate the extension content?

To translate the label in this extension, please open the extension -> More action -> Labels & Translate

  • First, you need to add and publish the language in Shopify admin settings -> Languages. We add Vietnamese for example.
  • Then you will able to see the language selector inside our app to translate this extension.
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