Inactive Tab Message

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1. Enable the extension

At the App Dashboard you can see the Inactive Tab Message extension is listed right here -> click View details

Click Install Extension

One more step, please click Customize button

Now, you’re redirectd to the Theme Customizer (Editor) -> enable the Conten Product embed code block

Don’t forget to press the Save button!

2. Settings

This app helps win back visitors who navigate out of your page by showing noticeable page title on your browser tab. This extension has just a few setting options as below

After you had sucessfully enabled this Inactive Tab Message embed block:

  • Message: you can customize your message, add multiple ones and use emojis to make it outstanding., don’t forget to use emojis, and make sure your visitors remember to return

This message is only showing up when you leave a tab, switching to another tab and not being active on it

  • Display duration: Display time for each message if having multiple messages. This cannot be previewed here, please view it on live site.

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