Age Verification

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Age Verification pop-up is aimed at checking the age of your websiteā€™s visitors, thereby protecting your business by complying with local law regarding legal age requirements for specific products like alcohol, tobacco, and other similar products.

No coding, no need for a developer – our interactive configurator ensures installation in a few easy steps to save time and money.

1. Install and Enable the extension

From the Extension list, please navigate to Age Verification extension -> click View details

One-click to install this extension quickly.

After installing the extension, please click the Customize button to ensure the extension is enabled in Settings and the status is Enable.

Lastly, please back to Shopify admin -> Online store -> Themes -> Customize -> App Embed to enable the Age Verification embed block. Don’t forget to press the Save button!

2. Extension Settings

  • Display on page: Thereā€™s an option to restrict access to particular page categories instead of the whole website.

Notice: If not select any page types, age verification will be shown on all pages as default.

You can also manually choose one by one product page, different pages, specific collections to be had this age pop-up

  • Age settings:
    – Age limit: Set the limit for age.
    – Time delay to show: Set a time since visitors enter your website to the time that the pop-up appears.
    – Next time to show: You can choose to stop displaying theĀ popup forĀ a certain period of time (forĀ instance, forĀ 1 day) once theĀ user closes it.

3. Extension Design

  • General settings: You can add the Heading, description, and the buttons will show on the Age popup.
  • Enter date of birth: Pick one of the checking types of request for the full date of birth, only the year of birth, or simply ask a question with Yes and No options if you disable the date of birth.

A nice-looking and handy popup will make the age verification experience better for your users. With these design options below, you can customize the widget to your specific needs and design requirements.

  • Background: Upload your image for display on the age-check popup, you can also change its sizing and opacity.
  • Color: Depending on your brand and the color theme of your website, you may want to make a few appearance adjustments. Thatā€™s easy!

Result of the Age Verification pop-up on the website:

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