Sales Notification

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Elevate your business game with the Sales Notification Extensions! 🚀 Instantly receive real-time updates on every sale, empowering you to stay on top of your transactions effortlessly. This extension will help you by showing a pop-up notification at the bottom of the page to catch the customer’s eye.

1. How to install and customize the Sales Notification extensions

Notice: The sales are taken from Shopify Orders so please make sure you have orders from customers in there.

  1. From the app Dashboard -> We click Install under the Sales Notification extension.
  2. After installing the extension you will need to go to the theme and Save the theme in order to update the permission for the app.
  3. Once you’re back in the app you will be able the customize the sales notification to your liking and Save.
  4. In Theme Customization -> App embeds and toggle on the Sales Notification embed.

2. How to translate the extension content?

To translate the label in this extension, please open the extension -> More action -> Labels & Translate.

  • First, you need to add and publish the language in Shopify admin settings -> Languages. We add Italian for example.
  • Then you will able to see the language selector inside our app to translate this extension.
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